maxxCare distribute ViraShield a market leading supplier of Face Shields.

Disposable Face Shields

Designed for the medical profession where front line medical staff are in close proximity to COVID-19 patients. To reduce the risk of infection our disposable face shield is designed as a single use product that is disposed off after attending to a COVID-19 patient. 

Reusable Face Shields

Our reusable face shields are available in a range of price points to give our customers options in their safety requirements and also providing different solutions depending on the individual wearers needs.

OEM Branded Face Shields

ViraShield supply branded face shields to government agencies like police forces, health organisations and corporate businesses like retailers or restaurants chains who's front of line staff will be in contact with the general public and could be exposed to risk of infection. To fine out more on how we can brand your face shields reach out to our sales consultants.